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    I have added pictures that are linked to other websites and words that are linked to other websites on my blog, but they don’t show up. Why is this happening? I tried many different Themes thinking that was the problem, but it doesn’t help.

    For example, I typed the following into my blog and linked the word PETSMART to their website but the word PETSMART is not there…(as you can see after the word “at” there is a space; that’s where “PetSmart” should be)…

    “I picked up this ball at , it DID squeak…for 2 whole days!”

    How do I fix this? Thank you so much for your time.

    The blog I need help with is



    I have added pictures that are linked to other websites

    If I clearly understand what you are expressing then it sounds like your are trying to loading images from another site and hosted on their servers and not on servers. If so then this is called “hotlinking” and most sites do not allow it. It’s terrible practice because it means you are stealing someone else’s bandwith that they are paying for.

    Another reason images may not show up or may display only as broken code is because the code is a resticted one that software is stripping out to preserve security on this multiuser blogging platform. See here >

    The correct approach is to ONLY upload images you have permission to use from the copyright holder to post and then provide an attribution link. See here for instruction for uploading images into posts and pages > See also > This entry will help you add links to your posts or pages. >



    Thanks, but no, I am not loading pictures I do not have permission to use (I am part of an affiliate program and have been given rights by all companies I link to)…I actually have the image saved on my computer, upload them to wordpress and they are fine until I add a link to them. Also, none of what you said addresses the actual words disappearing. I purchased something at PetSmart and wanted people to be able to easily access their website, so I linked the word “PetSmart”, and as soon as I did that the word disappeared.


    There is either something wrong with your code, or the wordpress advertising filters are stripping it out. Advertising and affiliate stuff is for the most part not allowed here.

    You need to read these support documents and in particular the section in “types of blogs” under affiliate marketing.



    That’s so strange because I used it before and it was fine until recently. OK, I guess I’ll head to BLOGGER! Thanks.

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