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    I am using the theme ‘Fresh and Clean’ and have just started a new blog. I’ve been using WordPress for years though, so I’m not a novice!

    When I add a link, it appears on the main post fine (i.e if you click in the just view THAT post alone) but on the ‘Home’ page none of my links show up at all!!

    It’s really frustrating because I know I’m doing it right, please can anyone help?

    I’ve left test-posts up so you can see what I mean:

    The blog I need help with is


    Fresh and Clean does excerpts on the main page of the site, and when that is done, all HTML and formatting is stripped out on the main page. The two posts you have on the main page are shorter than the excerpt length, which is why the “continue reading link is not showing on the posts. See the demo page for the theme: .



    Aha! That makes a lot of sense. I guess I’ll have to change theme then, which is a shame.
    Thanks so much for your quick and helpful response – you are ace!
    Laura x


    You are welcome. There might be a trick that you could use by copying and pasting from the HTML tab on a post into the excerpt module as Panos talks about here: . See the second part of the 4th bullet point in the notes at the bottom.

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