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    I’m trying to link to several other websites in my latest blog post, but using the “link” button in the isn’t working…It lets me type in the URL, and the code shows up in the HTML view, but when I look at the post in Preview mode, the links don’t show up at all…I’ve never had this problem before. Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is



    What links are you trying to put in? Some links, like affiliate links, are stripped out.


    I’m just trying to link to some other blogs. (Trying desperately to pass on my Liebster award!)



    You’re probably adding the URL without having typed the text that will act as the link. You type that text first, highlight it, then click the link button.


    Thanks; you were absolutely right. My “duh” moment for the day, I guess.



    You’re welcome.
    I think it’s not a “duh” moment: a common point of confusion is the title field. The title of a link isn’t the visible clickable text, it’s the (optional) extra info that shows up when you hover over the clickable text.

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