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Links not updating

  1. My links will not update. They will not change even if I create and move them into new categories, or delete them entirely. This persists even if I change the theme.

  2. What do you mean by update/change?

    What are you doing to them to update/change them?

  3. Are you making sure to delete the old links first?

  4. I am moving the links into new categories, or deleting them. When I access my blog, the page has not change; the links are still the same.

    To change them, I use the Blogroll tab in the site admin.

  5. Are you making sure to delete the old links first?

    Would it make a difference?

  6. Ah I see what you mean now! Thanks for the clarification. :)

    I'm not sure that deleting the old links would make a difference, I would expect them to change exactly like you would. Try it though and see what happens.

    I would put in feedback for this too.


  7. Are you marking them as being in the category "Blogroll?"

  8. I sent the feedback; It's okay now.

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