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Links Not working

  1. when ever i make a link on my page to some other website, It says 404 Not found. whats the problem... I tried with 10 differnt sites

  2. Might help us help you if you showed us where on your blog this is occuring. Could be a number of reasons but without seeing it, we can only guess.

  3. the same thing happens to me too!
    I find that my domain is automatically added before the url I wanted to link to. I've checked the html and it's correct.
    How can I remove my domain from the url?

  4. Same here. Very upsetting. A couple of days ago creating a link to my smugmug website was easy and worked (the original post's link still works). Now, anytime I try and create a link to my Smugmug wegsite it appends "" to to beginning and I get the "404".
    I've tried editing it repeatedly, but still does not work. If I look in the "html" editor part of my post, the verbiage all looks correct, but as soon as I save it, it changes to the unworkable link. -Orrn

  5. If it's adding in the URL of your blog, that means you're forgetting the 'http://' bit of the link. You need it in there. Else a web browser thinks it's an internal link, not a URL link elsewhere.

    Please also read the thread that you post in. I mention giving a sample so we can see what you're doing else we have to guess. Only my ex assumed that I could read minds and I do hope you're better than my ex. :)

  6. OK. Figured out how to "fix" my problem.
    As soon as I put a "http://" in front of the link I'm inserting, everything works fine. I don't think I did that for my original entry a few days ago, but I'm happy if that is all it takes.

  7. *sigh* Anyone else see that solution up there?

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