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Links Not Working

  1. Has something changed when using the link icon?

    I had a draft sitting for about a month and when I came back to it yesterday I tried to link some text to URLs. I highlighted the text, clicked the link symbol, entered the URL as usual. When I hit the Update button, instead of showing my draft with the text linked, I am taken back to my list of all my posts. I have to open the draft to continue editing, but the link has not worked.

    I thought maybe there was a software glitch, so I tried again this afternoon and again tonight. Same thing.

    Am I missing something? Thanks,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Try switching to the HTML tab and put your links in there. That seems to be working for most people.

    Also, which browser and browser version are you using and have you tried a different browser?

  3. Thanks!

    I am using IE. When I switched to HTML the link button disappeared.

    But when I opened WordPress in Firefox everything worked perfectly (just as before) in Visual.

    It appears to be in conflict with EI, although it has always worked in the past.

    Thanks again,
    John Vanek's Human Trafficking Blog

  4. There seems to be some IE related issues right now with the editor. I would keep using Firefox or Chrome. They both seem to work well right now.

  5. Same thing happened to me. I have never had problems with links until today. I hope they fix this soon (puleeze). Something must've gone wrong with one of their updates.

  6. Agreeeed!!! It takes to much longer to plug in links manually through html- the sooner this if fixed the better!

  7. Hi

    We've experience the same with users on IE7, if you upgrade to IE8 it's fine.


  8. Also noticed that the HTML toolbar is showing up in the Visual view.

  9. This is driving me crazy. I am glad to know that it is not me, but please fix soon WordPress!

  10. Please see here so I don't have to type all that out again.

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