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Links Not Working

  1. There are a lot of links on my blogsite. ( When readers click on the links they are usually redirected to "" rather than the intended site. What is happening and how do I fix it? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


    Please give us an example of a non-working link.
    The links I tried at random all worked.

  3. Same here. I clicked on probably 6 at random.

  4. Thanks a lot.
    Upper left - Natonal Jamboree link. I get "The server at is taking too long to respond." if I click on the actual link.

    I get the same result if I click on SFBAC under Training for Adults on the right.

    This morning I am using Firefox. Yesterday these links took two readers to, which produced a bad link error message.

  5. Those links both worked for me: Safari and Firefox
    I was wondering about the http://www.NAME use in most of your links.
    That might be what's causing the problem?

  6. Thanks again.
    What could I use instead of http://www.NAME?

  7. I'm thinking that's not it. I just checked several blogs' source codes and they also had a lot of http://www.etc
    Including in my own blog and I'm sure I never pasted any links with www

    tsp will know…

  8. Am now wondering if this problem is associated with WordPress Stats since might be that site??

    This problem is consistent on three computers that I have tested it on.

  9. I read in another WordPress forum that the redirection is related to the ads that sometimes are placed on blogs (using skimlinks) and that purchasing the No Ads Upgrade will stop the redirection. But why is this problem only happening on for some readers and not others?

  10. Yes. Thats the thread. Thanks.

  11. 1tess,

    Some help I cannot add links followed directions to a tee. WordPress says link has been added but does not appear in blog. Cannot figure out why. link I am trying to add is

    can you help me out?

  12. Which post are you trying to add it to? We need a link starting with http.

  13. The shortlinks as I understand it only work with wordpress.COM blogs.

    From :

    It doesn’t work for any URL in the world, just ones.

  14. raincoaster the url is :

  15. thesacredpath,

    I am new to wordpress, and it is my understanding that I am not using a short link.

    If I am in error, please explain this to me. The link I am using is : I also tried:

    Thanks, for any assistance you can render

  16. pornstarbabylon

    I noticed this the other week on the links in my pages. I checked now and it's normal again back to how I had done them.

    The link 1tess posts has someone saying the redirection is for a skimlinks ad service they are running. But I'm an adult blog barring any of the Google ads they run.

  17. None of my links are working pages are at All of my posts have links and none work. They either take me to a blank page of they take me to a 404 error which I have troubleshot and not resolved. Can anyone you me?

  18. @nowacky, your link takes me to which is not a wordpress.COM blog. We can't help you with Yahoo problems.

  19. Further, the site linked to your username is a dead end and can't be found.

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