Links not working in a caption on my post HELP!

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    Hi, Apologies in advance as i’m sure this is extremely basic but I am completely new to everything and all I want to do is insert a link from 2 words in a caption underneath a picture in my post, and i have followed the instructions, so I highlight the 2 words and then the box pops up and i fill it in with the URL then the 2 words are highlighted blue and then as soon as i hit update it disappears and the link doesn’t work! PLEASE HELP this is driving me crazy and i’m sure there’s a straightforward answer out there!
    thank you! :)

    The blog I need help with is



    Captioned images are pre-configured formulas you cannot modify: you cannot highlight a caption and try to edit it using any of the tools of the editor. To do what you want you need complicated coding in the HTML editor after you insert plain instead of captioned images.

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