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links not working when signed in

  1. @benjamindavidsteele
    Your site looks great in Syntax It supports three columns of widgets in the site’s footer.

    Here's how it appears in multple devices

    Here the Google mobile friendly site test result

  2. @archiearchive
    I'm sorry I have no further help I can offer to you. Not to worry though because Themes Staff will assist everyone posting here when they can.

  3. Well it's good to know I am not alone.

    I have gotten a gaggle of emails from my members stating that they cannot click on any of the links on the front page, nor can they make a comment under a post. The comment box is dead. I haven't had a comment all day and that's unheard of on my blog. The only comments there are from myself and moderators and that is because we are commenting from the moderator dashboard. I have no idea which browsers all my members are using, or what devices they are using. I do know I have tried to comment from the front page from both Chrome and Firefox and the comment box was dead for me too.

  4. I have over 100 headers for Digg3, created in photoshop by a member since 2008. We were known as having a "Living Header" to over 4 million visitors. They don't look like a size that will fit any of the other 3 column them choices. This is very disconcerting particularly with no warning since this theme was retired. Those of us who use Digg3 had no idea and no time to prepare. For all intents and purposes, our blogs are dead unless we scramble. I am about to enter into a mess during a change. I can feel it in my bones.

  5. benjamindavidsteele

    @timethief -

    How do I get three columns of widgets in the site’s footer? I didn't see it as an option.

  6. I have a question as well. What will happen to my thousands of existing posts, will they still be readable once they are shifted to a new format? I need to know this because my blog represents years of writing with a loyal following -- and I need to decide if it's best for me to stay with wordpress or export my posts while they are still readable. Meanwhile, my readers are also very flustered as they cannot comment.

  7. benjamindavidsteele

    I sort of got the three footer columns working. I can't quite figure out how to move the widgets around, though.

  8. Sorry for the trouble folks are having with Digg3. The issue has already been reported to our developers and we'll keep this thread updated when a fix is in place.

  9. thank you very much kathrynwp. I really would like to keep the Digg 3 theme if at all possible. thank you for your help

  10. For days I haven't been able to access hyperlinked text or photos on my site. This happens on both my computer and my tablet. My husband has no problem on his computer. We have scanned my computer for bugs and have found nothing. We've restarted the machine countless times even after completely shutting down the machine and nothing. Everything appears to be good. Instead of a "hand" cursor, all I get is the "arrow." I need help please!

  11. I second that. Thank you Kathy!

  12. Oh, my goodness! Help on the way? That is such a huge relief! Thanks so much!

  13. A customer-oriented responder with a smidgen of empathy AKA "Happiness Engineer" makes the world of difference. We'll do a wait and see on my blog and I will hand out sedatives to members, lol.

  14. Hilarious! But it sure breaks the stress of being so not in control of our blogs at times, eh?

  15. I too have the same problem. I do not want to change the web model. Please fix the problem.

    Mi web es:

  16. The issue in Digg3 should now be fixed - thanks for your patience.

    If your site still doesn't look right, please try hard-refreshing the site in your browser and clear your cache:

    If anyone still sees an issue in Digg3 after doing the above, please provide a link to your site. Thanks!

  17. YEA!! Mine is working just fine. Thank you so much. And there was great rejoicing! thanks kathrynwp

  18. Thank you so much! Looks like everything is working, Kathy and YOU win the day!

  19. What a wonderful relief that I'm wasn't nutz, that my dilemma was real (experienced by others in the same boat), and that you've taken care of the situation at hand.

    WP Happiness Engineer to the rescue! One more villain bites the dust, eh?

    Thanks, Kathy!

  20. Thank you very much Kathy!!!

  21. It's Kathryn, and you're all very welcome! :)

    I'm closing this thread since the issue is now fixed.

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