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    Hi all.

    I hope I find you to be well. I have been searching the forms for an answer to my question, but can’t seem to find a suitable answer. I might be missing something? I am looking at making my blog look a bit more manageable by having links such as, Homepage About Us Contact etc. on the front page without having to make use of the Pages section. So when you enter on it, it goes to an internal page on my blog. That way I won’t have that many posts on the front of my blog.

    I’ll list this link so you can see an example,
    Hope you can help.
    Oh, remember, I’m a blindy, so graphics won’t help me much.
    Thank you very much.



    Oops, I think this link should work better.


    The tabs in your second example are pages. But that is theme dependent: when you create pages some themes display page tabs in the header while others don’t. Which theme are you using?



    Phew, that was a quick reply, thank you so much. I am using ChaosTheory. I hope this helps. a Link to my blog,


    ChaosTheory does display page tabs in the header, so you just have to create the pages you want and they’ll show up. If I have misunderstood and it’s something else you have in mind, let me know.



    Oh, ok. I think that will do for now. I’ll just play around and edit the front some more. Thank you very much for your help. No, you did not miss understand me, you were spot on. Thank you once again. Adrian.

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