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links on page behave in different ways

  1. Hi. In the About page of my blog, I have a bunch of links. Some of them are in the form of a bullets in a list, while others are phrases in paragraphs. I haven't edited that page for maybe two weeks. Just today I noticed that some links have mysteriously added line breaks at the end of the said links; while others are "normal".

    I'm not very good with html tags but when I look at the html version of the text, I can't see any patterns.

    For instance, I first thought the line breaks only mysteriously applied to those links that have target="_blank" on the a href tag. But the weird line breaks only affect some of those, but not all. The line breaks also affect some of the links that open on the same window/tab, but not all.

    All bullet links seem to be affected. But only some phrases-within-a-paragraph links are affected, while others are not.

    Moreover, the mysterious line breaks only seem to appear on the published page; when I view the "Visual" tab of the edit box there are no unwanted line breaks.

    So I'm at a loss. I am using Google Chrome and I haven't updated it since I downloaded it and set it as my default browser about four months ago. Perhaps I should wait and I may right itself in time, since the problem had popped out of the blue?

    I appreciate your help. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. thecrazybunny56

    Happening to me too, all the links on my blog have space over and under them.

    Apparently it's an new bug that many users (like me) are experiencing from. One of the staff is gonna bring talk to the developers and see what they can do about it...I think.

    Hopefully it's solved in a matter of days! ^^

  3. Howdy!

    This was a bug that has been fixed -- thanks for bringing it to our attention! Your links should now display without the extra line breaks.

    Happy blogging!

  4. You guys rock! Thank you so much for the super fast action!

  5. Happy to help! :)

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