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links open new window

  1. I'd like to add a few links to the 'blogroll' but would like for these to open in a separate window, so that the view does not then have to backtrack to my page after clicking. can this be done?

    a quick search in the forum using your title leads to this thread among others.

    pls note that this method is frowned upon by some readers as it is considered bad to allow a new browser to pop up without the reader's permission.

  3. Yes this can be done. If you check the forum searchbox you will find instructions. Do be aware though that many of us do not appreciate not having control over our own browsers and will not return to blogs where this tactic is employed.

    edit: waving to sulz - simultaneous typing :)

  4. To answer the question though, take a look at the Target tab along the right hand side when you create or edit a blogroll link. Choose the _blank or _top option. _bloank is just a new window. _top is a new window on top of your current window.

    But as noted, it's now a days considered rude and breaks the accessability guidelines of both XML and those with visability issues.

  5. I learn new etiquette every day...hehe. I think I have some links that open in new windows-gonna go change them. :)

  6. yeah, it's one of those "If I wanted the link to open in a new window, I'd do it myself!" type things. "My browser = My rules"

    I think in firefox, can't you override those somehow?

  7. I don't know if you can with the base install. I've added Tab Mix Plus and I have all my links open in new tabs by setting my preferences through the add-on. I don't know if it works the other way though.

  8. I have them open new windows when I lead them to a video which might take longer for them to load depending on their connection. They can leave that window opened until it fully loads and continue doing whatever in the other window.

  9. I'm glad I found y'all to explain why I don't want to do it. Came looking for code and found enlightenment.

  10. The forum search box is full of useful information.I'm glad you found what you needed in it. :)

  11. agentsofdisrupt

    I've noticed a trend to offer a global setting for opening a new window from within a blog. Here's one example with the checkbox near the top:

    Might make a good widget.

  12. For whom?

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