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links - out of whack

  1. I recently switched themes to Blogum and now the link formatting in posts has become out of whack. Some are just black with a faint underline, others are blue and underlined. For example compared with and/or (which have also lost the returns/paragraph breaks). Would love for posts to appear consistent and neat, hoping there’s a relatively easy fix? Any advice would be much appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Did you have custom design upgrade for this blog, do CSS editing on it and then change the theme? CSS is theme specific. If you have custom CSS and later change themes, you need to delete whatever CSS you have in the Editor, otherwise, you’ll get undesired results. To ‘reset’ a theme, you need to delete the CSS in the Editor, make sure the “add to existing CSS” radio button is checked, then save. Things should go back to normal.

  3. I do not have the custom design upgrade.

  4. Anyone?

  5. The formatting is inconsistent because the coding of your posts is inconsistent: some content is enclosed in p tags, some in div tags, some in span tags. Have you been copypasting from other sources such as Word?

  6. Thank you for your response. It's true, I have been copypasting from Word as this provided the most consistent appearance. I recognise the div tags, but am not familiar with p tags. What do you suggest?

  7. You should never copypaste from Word into the Visual editor, as it introduces lots of wrong code that mess things up. If you have to copypaste, paste into the HTML editor, so that only the text will be copied, then continue formatting, if necessary, using code or using the Visual editor tools.

    You're not familiar with p tags because plain p tags are hidden in the HTML editor.

    You should delete all the span and all the div tags:

    <span ETC ETC>
    <div ETC ETC>

    I suggest you start with one post, and after you clean it up you tell us what you'd like to change and we tell you how to do it.

  8. Apologies for the delayed response. I've now deleted a bunch of </span> and </div> tags which has addressed the consistency issues. Thank you for your help justpi, it's much appreciated.

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