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links page on Oxygen Theme

  1. Hello,
    I have switched to Oxygen Theme, however have discovered that unfortunately that when there is no option to make a Page a 'links' page.
    I previously used Andreas09 theme for my blog, and Pages there had this option.
    I really don't want the long arduous task of having to manually inserting all my links into a new page.
    With Oxygen Theme the only option to show links is through widgets, which I don't wish to use as I have long lists of links.

    Thank you,
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  2. Hi Hana, the Andreas09 theme has a "Links List" template, and the Oxygen theme does not. We have 200 themes here on, and they are all designed to be different, to meet different needs. I see that you are currently using the Links widget set to display links from a certain category - this is one of the ways to achieve your goal of displaying links on your blog, and another one would be manually create a links page, as you've mentioned. If Andreas09 works better for you, you can always switch back to it.

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