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Links (pingbacks or trackbacks)

  1. I have a question now that I am becoming a more "seasoned" blogger (I think). My blog is getting more hits and I have found that people have linked to it. My question is regarding pingbacks or trackbacks. Should I be notified that I am being linked to? I have it enabled. Am I supposed to do something when posting.

    Oh, I understand that I need to provide a link to my blog on these forums :)

    Many of the posts are now being linked to. I found out by accident. Also what is the difference between an pingback and a trackback?

    p.s. Sorry for the 'dumb' questions to you really seasoned bloggers.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You don't need to do anything, although it's wise to follow the trackback to the source to see if it's a blog content thief or a real blogger. If it's a real blogger, it's courteous to look around their site a bit andmaybe leave a comment. If you leave it on a post OTHER thanthe one they linked to you in, they'll be impressed. It means you took some real time to read their stuff, and not just follow up on things that are towards your own self-interest.

    As for the differences between a pingback and a trackback, I've always been unclear on that myself. I think they are words for the same link, but one is referring to the linkER and one to the linkEE's perspectives.

    If you have it enabled, those links should show up below each post, just as if they were comments. Unless you've gotcomment moderation on.

  3. Thanks for the reply. What I was wondering was how come I'm not being notified that I'm being linked to? I thought that was the purpose of a pingback or a trackback. I happened to find out when I went to google webmaster's tools and found a number of sites that have linked my blog. When they do that, am I not supposed to receive some sort of notification on my WP admin page?

    Thanks :)

  4. Anyone? Please? Since it is proper etiquette to visit those that have linked to me, I would like to know what I need to do so that I'm notified. Actually, come to think of it, I know someone here on WordPress that I linked to and he linked to me in blogroll but I never got a notification. I just happen to know about it because I see it when I visit his blog. Also same with someone on a goggle blogger is linking to me on his blogroll but I know about it because we are in contact with each other's blog. Should I not have received some ping to let me know? Then there are the ones that I found out by accident on Google webmaster -- there are a lot of them. I'm guessing that is why my blog is finally doing a lot better and getting much more traffic.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me understand what I need to do to get notified of links via pingbacks or trackbacks.!!!

  5. I think some blogs have the option disabled of alerting you.

    I know there used to be a spot on the dashboard where it listed people linking to you, not sure if it's still there.

  6. I will go look at my dashboard again. It would be a really cool feature to have now that people are linking to me. I don't want people thinking I'm rude ... LOL ... plus I may miss out some some really good blogs that I could be responding to. I'll post here if I find it or not. Then maybe someone can tell me what to do.

    Thanks :)

  7. And here's what a trackback is:

  8. Hi again. I just checked my settings. I have checked "Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks.)" so that should do it, right? My theme is "Vigilance" so that should not be a problem, right?

    Any ideas on what I may be doing wrong?

  9. OH ... the trackback and pingback is for me to let someone else know that I'm linking to them. Too bad there isn't a way to be notified that someone links to me.

    Thanks for clearing that up.

  10. It would be the same for them, because when they post your link - they'll notify you. Unless they have the option disabled for their blog.

    You can try putting you blog link into Google, and put quotes around it. That way it'll show you every page that has your URL on it.

  11. Thanks for that tip. Unfortunately, the blogs that I happen to know about did not show up. Maybe blogrolls don't show up that way.

  12. you SHOULD be notified, if the blogger who's linked to you has his settings such that he wishes you to be notified. But Incoming Links is dependent on Google Blogsearch, which is frankly iffy. And sites with no RSS feeds do not notify. You can try checking your blog on to see who's linked to you. They've improved greatly recently.

  13. Oh, and Blogrolls don't generally show up because sometimes theme designers set them as NoFollow, which is stupid but not uncommon.

    And this is not scientific, but I have a sneaking suspicion that they don't show up at all until someone has clicked through them, and blogrolls are virtually useless for clicks. NOBODY clicks on or pays attention to sidebars anymore, a side effect of ads in sidebars.

  14. My blog is NEVER notified of pingback or trackback unless it comes from another WordPress blog. The little "incoming links" box on my dashboard lists some links, but usually I only find out about a link by looking at my sitemeter, which shows what site referred a visitor. The pingback or trackback feature on wordpress is basically useless. I end up creating my own trackback/pingback comment myself, which is pretty stupid. It would make so much more sense if the pingback or trackback was actually based on an incoming links thing like technorati or google's blogsearch.

  15. Why would you get notified of a pingback?
    Your the one who did it, wouldn't you know you did?

  16. "You're the one

  17. bostonrealestatemaven

    As a test, the next time you write a post on your blog, try inserting a link back to any earlier post on your blog. On that earlier post, you should see some evidence of the pingback in the Comments section. It can be subtle. In my theme, for example, the evidence takes the form of," Trackbacks (1)," appearing in small type just above the Comments section. When I click on it, the post reference appears in the Comments section just below it.

    The post reference also appears as a comment on the Comments page of my admin area. Finally, I receive an email notifying me of the pingback, just as I would any other comment.

    Incidentally, the little word, " Trackbacks (1)," uses that word generically, as this technically is a pingback. I agree with others here that the trackbacks and pingbacks are not implemented as well as they could be.

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