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    The blog has links section. When I “manage links” I can order them by rating, alphabetical, etc. BUt I can’t change on the viewed page. Not possible to reorder?



    blogroll appears as alphabetical on your front page. if you want to reorder the links, you could put numbers (but will be visible on your front page), or put the links under different categories (but will appear alphabetical also), or use a text widget to reorder the links just the way you want it.



    Hi there,

    I’m using the Tarski theme and have the same problem (sorting links). I tried numbering as Sulz suggested, but the numbers distracted from my theme. A more artistic solution I encountered is to give each link a different bullet symbol from the ascii chart. Turns out that ascii codes are sorted in order just like numbers and letters.

    You can see this in action at , or paste ascii symbols from if you are interested in this option.

    I would like to hear more about this “text widget”. Is it a solution that doesn’t prefix links with visible marks? Is it an option for the Tarski theme? Is a paid CSS upgrade required?




    You beat me to it. I was just coming back here to say I should have “RTFM” first :)



    I changed from the link widget to the text widget. By hand-coding the html, I preserved the look and functionality of my links. The only difference is I don’t have to prefix anything before my links to sort them in the order I want.

    Mr. Slater, this worked for me, hopefully it will work for you without too much added hassle. Thanks to Sulz and Raincoaster for pointing this thread in the right direction.

    For archive purposes, to anyone who still wants to try the ascii sort method, here is what it could look like:

    # This is a link
    * My link here
    • Yet another link
    ¤ Not in abc order
    ° Last link

    This method might still hold some value for artistic or whimsical pages out there.

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