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links suddenly in reverse order

  1. I have my sidebar links ranked in the order I want people to see them--the most useful ones on top. Suddenly today they are all in the reverse order.
    I have two links widgets, for two different types of links, and the order is reversed in both of them. (I only really care about the order of the first set of links.)
    Maybe I should post this in the "widgets" category? but it seems to be a problem with my ranking of the links not with the actual widget...
    I went to "all links" in my dashboard and checked there. The ranking numbers I assigned them haven't changed, but "number 1" now displays as the last link.
    None of the other lists in widgets in my sidebar are reversed, only the links.
    If this is going to be a permanent problem I could redo all their ranking numbers, but I don't want to go to all that trouble if it's likely to switch back!
    My theme is Bueno.
    Is anyone else noticing this problem?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I think this is something staff have done. I can't see any reason it would happen otherwise. I'll flag this for them.

  3. Thanks, raincoaster. They're still in reverse order.

  4. yourintrepideditor

    I have the same issue. I'm using Twenty Ten.

  5. Same issue for me, i.e. Blogroll order suddenly in reverse order. My Links widget still says "Sort by: Link rating".

    Not sure how long this has been going on, but I only noticed it today.

  6. Should I just go ahead and redo the link ratings to put my links in the correct order? Or is it likely that staff might correct this admittedly sorta minor problem???

  7. I flagged this for them. THey're obviously tinkering with the widgets today.

  8. Blogroll links still in reverse order to my ratings July 15 @ 11:33pm PST

  9. Blogroll links still in reverse order to my ratings July 17 @ 1:39pm PST. That's 4 days now.

  10. I gave up and reordered mine into reverse ratings. Now I'll have to change them back if staff ever fixes this! I wonder if this is a test to see how many people care about the order of their links. I wish it was more of us--to me it's really important for certain links to be right up there on top.

  11. Yeah, I think I will reverse my ratings, too.
    So I have noticed another weird change: when editing a blog, you can be in "Visual" or "HTML" mode. Only now it says "Visual" and "Text". But "Text" means "HTML"!!

  12. I saw that too---very odd...

  13. freeprocurement

    I have same problem...links in reverse order. I'm using Garland theme.

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