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    When I leave a blog comment, if you then click on my name it links to a blog I have deleted (I am happy with the deletion). How do I get my name to link to my live blog? I have been through the settings and removed everything I can see about the deleted blog. Is there something I am missing?

    The blog I need help with is



    Seems to be loading to a live blog to me.



    Charlotte, do you have a Gravatar account? What blog have you linked there?



    Hello there!
    Gravatar account and wordpress account are same things. If one has a wordpress account then one has a wordpress account. You can change your username to refer to your new blog: Dashboard > Users > personanal settings > Website ______ type the new blog url here.
    Or there may be a link to your old blog on your profile as personal links.


    I do have a gravatar account. Where do I find which blog it is linked to?


    Hi hnsaifi. I have done the website change, but it does not seem to make a difference. This is totally baffling me.



    This is the blog your username is linked to now
    When you change the primary blog linked to your username it’s not retroactive. All comments previously left when your username was linked to your deleted blog will remain as is.


    Thank you timethief. That makes loads of sense. I guess I am used to facebook where everything previous changes too.

    I have left a new comment and the link does go back to my Highland account.




    Best wishes with your blog.




    I am having exactly the same problem. On my wordpress emails sent notifying of a new post, the link is wrong, even weeks after a change, and in addition, I reblogged a post from the site, and it posted with an old deleted address. I am pretty frustrated at the moment. I have looked everywhere also for a bad link, but cannot find it.

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