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  1. I have a 'writers' page that, when completed, I'd like to provide a link within the bio of each writer that will take the reader to a URL with all of that writers movie reviews. What is the easiest way to accomplish this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. From that you will get links like this:

  3. Thank you. The widgets are good but I was hoping to have just a link to include within each writer's bio. Perhaps I can copy the URL produced when clicking on each author through the widget.

  4. Oh, I meant that you could use the link in your biographies. You could have both or just use the link. The widget will show most recent posts and the link will show all the posts by the author:
    That is the form your link would take; change name for each author.

    The widget is interesting because it automatically shows each author's posts automatically. Sort of a little extra promo for them. But you would not need to use it.

  5. You could also have each author add a category with his / her name then make a custom menu or custom menu widget or copy the link code to the author bios.

    It might well be that timethief has covered that idea in the post she linked to. Right now, I'm called to dinner so won't check that out. Just know that she won't steer you wrong. She always has good, tried & true advise.

    Happy blogging!

  6. How do I create links so they are placed on just one specific page? I have 5 pages on my site and want to place link on just one of those pages.

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