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    I’m using the Oulipo theme and as it doesn’t have an option for an archive page and I’m adverse to using widgets on my home page, I am trying to like my categories on a links page that I have made using a link redirect on an image. The problem is, when I click the links (from anywhere, including my stats), I’m greeted by Mal the error duck saying my page can’t be found. When I click on the category links in a post, it takes me to exactly the same link. I’m rather confused, please halp!

    The blog I need help with is



    One of your categories is “pictures-2”. The URL for that category is:
    But instead of that you’ve used this (non-existent) URL:


    Hooray! Thank you!



    You’re welcome. But your corrected URLs need a further correction: there’s no www in URLs.

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