Links to my blog are not active in tag search results

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    Links to my blog are not active in tag search results. Check it out here:

    Mine is the article titled “Randy Newman Live at MacWorld”.

    Why does everyone else show up as an active link, but to get to mine you have to find the “more” button? (Or is it just on my browser that this happens?)

    Any advice would be much appreciated.


    Check in your blog admin under users > your profile and make sure that your blog URL is in the “website” field under “Contact Info.”



    Thanks. I checked that and it is already set as you suggested.

    Any more thoughts on my problem?


    I just checked in the tag page you reference and both your username and the title of your post take me to your blog and to that post.

    If they don’t on your computer, try logging out, clearing your browser cache and cookies, shutting down your browser and then relaunch it and try again.

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