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Links to my blog don't go anywhere ...

  1. If I click on the link within Dashboard, it comes right back to dashboard. If I click from anywhere else, I get "about: blank" page, which does not seem to be a redirect virus because everything else works fine....

    Recent history: I went to Manage Name Servers on a while back and put in the "" settings as directed. When I looked at it this AM, whois message said the Name Servers were invalid, and I selected their autofix, which reset everything to "" so I put them back to the WordPress settings.

    I started the blog as, then I bought the domain name and registered with whois...

    Am I just doing this all wrong? When I registered w/, I didn't realize that I probably should have purchased the name from WordPress ....

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Not a big deal where the name is purchased from - follow the instructions below - you will also need Domain Mapping $ 12--

  3. It is still not directing properly from to

    I have the latter set as my primary domain. I had the site verified by Google Webmaster.

    I believe I did the $12 remapping.

    I don't get it.

  4. Obvious question but still.. you bought the $12 domain mapping or the $12 site redirect? (Those upgrades are the complete opposite one of another, please be very specific!)

  5. It can take 24 to 72 hours for the changes to move to the far corners of the internet - but changes usually start sooner some but not all the name servers have been updated goes to a WordPress.COM mapped blog for me - with Death # 215 as the top Post

    Patience Grasshopper

    You will probably be the last one to see the changes for some strange reason -

  6. @auxclass: The site is not resolving for me yet, but if it's resolving for you already, that's a good sign :-)

  7. Only about 20% are resolving to WordPress.COM the rest to whois - my link for him is only 2 hours old so it looks like he is just on the way early part of things -

  8. OK... I will wait a while. Thanks very much you guys.

  9. Well, it was working, but then it stopped, probably because I changed the DNS again before it caught up.... and now I'm really in the weeds.

    I went to as suggested by auxclass, and the DNS was good, but the CNAME is all red X's .....

    Help! Help!

  10. stopped, probably because I changed the DNS again before it caught up.... and now I'm really in the weeds.

    yes changing name servers will start the clock all over again - if you want to have your here than you need to change the name servers to point to WordPress.COM and make sure you have the domain mapping (not domain forwarding) upgraded - then you need to leave things alone while the changes migrate across the internet - if you for what ever the reason change the name servers back and forth some routers will be updated with the wrong data and your site will be unstable - it looks like you did not have a site attached to your domain name so that is why the strange error is occurring.

  11. Thanks very much. What is the significance of the CNAME coming up all negative on What's my DNS? Becuase I tried it with my regular site, and I thought that was all set...

  12. It worked! Thanks..

  13. You be welcome - changing name servers requires patience & a bit of faith

    Glad it now works

    CNAME - sorry can't translate them into the exact why and when - maybe @thesacredpath will stop by and leave a bit.

    God luck

  14. Help.
    I have tried everything on my posts to be able to input a website link in my text by hovering over it with just a name. like in me most recent post Example: Raw Apple Cider Vinegar see
    I always have to show the long version of the link. Can you tell me what is set wrong on my blog.
    Please also clarify something for me. When I set up my account I understood you had to set up two accounts. (one almost like a phantom account). I do not use that account and I have marked that one private just recently. I read you should keep and not cancel in case you want to use blog in future as once you cancel unable to get back.

  15. @kelliekennedy
    You have accidentally posted to the wrong support forum. We cannot help you here at with that site as it’s not being hosted by and we run on different software. This is the correct forum for your software http://wordpress.ORG/support/
    Please read > vs The Differences

  16. Are you talking about ?

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