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links to my site in custom header

  1. Hello, I am debating between or I understand I can have a custom header with certain themes if using
    In my custom header, can I include a logo that links directly to my personal website?
    Thanks, Elisa

  2. No. The only link in the header of those themes that can have custom image header is to the blog itself. Moreover, the TOS states blogs cannot be used to drive traffic to third party sites. I think you should read about the types of blogs allowed at and those not allowed as well as the advertising restriction >

  3. There are two entries Staff has prepared to clarify the differences between and >

  4. Some people get confused and think that if they purchase a domain upgrade they can do things that other bloggers being free hosted by can't. For example they think they can have FTP access and upload themes and plugins or have advertising and shopping carts, or use javascript, etc. That's not true.

    The Domain Mapping Upgrade does not enable the permission to use advertising, any kind of prohibited code, or upload additional themes and plugins. With the upgrade, your blog will still be hosted here at, which means that you will not have FTP access to your files and must still abide by our Terms of Service accordingly.

  5. Others think they can purchase a CSS upgrade and import theme and/or style sheets in and/or edit the underlying HTML and/or php in theme templates. That's also not true. The only themes available to us are the 80 found here > Appearance > Themes and we cannot access let alone edit templates. The CSS editing is for altering appearance only. It's not for altering functionality.

  6. Provided you choose a theme that does allow for a custom header, you can have a logo in the header, and you can even make a blog "look like" your personal website. You can link to your site in a text widget or from a static page or from a link in your blogroll (Links), but as I said above the header cannot be linked to an external site.

  7. Thanks. That explains why I couldn't find it.... You mentioned a text widget. Does that mean that I add that to every post that I do? I'm sorry to be a dolt and have not read all of the instructions, but sometimes they just confuse me more than help

  8. The blog linked to your name is not a blog. Before I put out time and energy to answer your questions please post the URL for the blog you are referring to.

  9. That's interesting. It should be I may have changed it internally at some point to, but I didn't think that 'took' because the site didn't have the link on it yet

  10. Yeah...that's how it comes up in internet explorer.

  11. OOPS! Pardon me. You do have a blog behind that static front page.

    Here's the support documentation link >

  12. I will check this doc..thanks, but meanwhile, what is the 'static front page'? or is that one of those "Don't worry about it" things?

  13. There's no "'www" in any URL. You can link your blog to your username here > Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile -> then scroll down to 'contact info'. In the spot where it says 'website' fill in and save the changes.

  14. When I clicked your username I ended up looking at an image of the word blog
    When I dumped the word "blog" I got this

  15. When I clicked the word " Blog" on the bottom of that page I found the actual blog.

  16. Static front pages annoy readers and cripple your blog's ability to earn page rank. Why you would choose to get a domain and set this up this way is beyond me.

  17. I don't even know what it is. Are you talking about the page that you went to that said "blog"? If so, that was a mistake, and I think I just fixed it. If that's NOT what you're talking about, then you lost me. Now, to the text widget. Do I need to enter the http.....the WHOLE URL? I'm telling you, I'm a babe in the woods here...though too old to be a babe

  18. @Panos
    As the TOS states we cannot use blogs to drive traffic to third party sites I wonder about this linking of headers to websites. Has anyone asked Staff about this?

  19. It might well be worth asking staff about this, but lots of people link their blogs to their sites elsewhere and it is probably a case by case issue.

    If the main purpose of the blog is to direct people offsite it would certainly be against TOS, but if it is a real blog that happens to link to the blogger's other (professional) site that it's not so clear

  20. Yes, it is duplicating and I can also pull up a third thread so we can triplicate ... LOL :) I've had three bloggers ask this same question in the last 3 days. There are millions of bloggers, let's hear what Staff have to say about the potential to link our headers to websites that do not meet the criteria expressed in "types of blogs" and "advertising" documentation, and also in the TOS. I'm flagging both threads so we to get that clarity from Staff.

  21. Closing this thread because it has been answered at

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