Links – To Open on Same page or new page?

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    am interested to know which one is more user friendly and why

    when i’m linking an url to a word in the editor i always go for “open in a new window”
    my browser is Opera so opening a new tab is not a problem as it opens next to the original page – firefox is the same


    i guess if your browser has to open a new browser page, as microsoft used to do/does it would drive me bananas!

    i don’t want to have to keep back pageing all the time to get back to where i was originally, as invariably i get distracted and click on other links so i wouldn’t know where the original page was!

    what do you prefere and why pls



    I don’t change anything from the default, mostly because I’m lazy.

    Personally, I have Firefox set up to open all links in a new tab. I find it easier that way, and I don’t have to play games with some sites opening in the same tab and others opening in a new tab. I get to pick, and I pick a new tab.

    I know that doesn’t really answer your question, but it is a data point on personal preferences.



    hay thanx for that
    exactly what i’m interested in is your preference!
    i like firefox too
    i downloaded it to use as a check on what my blog looks like on it

    i aslo use microsofts browser to see what outragous things it’s doing to my masterpeices i must give them credit that the awful bright blue frame around all images that have a link seems to be corrected!
    i nearly died when i saw what it was doing to my work!
    was told how to get rid of the blue frame – borders =0 – by the form folks – it was touch and go that anyone new how to sort it out

    do you know how to get rid of the wordpress grey boarder?

    it’s a mistery how it appears at times and not at others
    i tried the “borders=0” to no effect

    i can live with grey though it fits in with the theme of the blog!



    /me is very glad to be rid of IE (and everything else M$ related)

    I take out the caption on all of my pictures. I find that gray border horribly ugly and it seems like it’s there for the caption.

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