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How to force links to open in another browser window?

  1. If someone reading one of my posts clicks on a link in the post, they leave my site. Is there any way the link can appear in a minimised browser window (as mentioned by someone but I didn't ask how to do it) so they stay on my site?
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  2. Hi there,

    You can't force them to open minimized, but you can force them to open in an new window by checking the "Open in a new window/tab" checkbox before inserting the link.

  3. Thank you so much.

    Does it mean if I want to change the links in my existing posts I would have to go through them and delete them then check the Open in a new window/tab and reinsert the link?

  4. You won't need to delete it. Just highlight the link and click the Link button again in the editor toolbar.

  5. What are the advantages of getting readers to Open in a new window/tab? I have tried it out and can't see a difference.

  6. Well, the link will open in a new window or tab, so they won't actually leave your blog (your blog will still be open in the original window or tab).

    With that said, some folks may find this to be a bit of an annoyance, and there are browser add-ons (and some even with default settings) to prevent this.

  7. Not sure whether to use it or not, don't want to annoy people. I'll try it with one or two perhaps.

    Thank you for your reply.

  8. You're welcome!

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