Links to static pages pull up blogs instead

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    Hi –

    Starting today, clicking on links to several static pages that are “children” of another static page, sends you to blog pages instead. The URL I see when I “hover” over the link is correct, but it does not display the static page, but my blog instead. Suddenly, an entire host of static pages is unreachable! See the “site map” on the right side; all pages under “about me” now open blog pages. You can also click “About Me” on the menu bar; the pages on the static page there pull up the blog instead.



    I just clicked several of your pages and sub-pages and connected to them without a problem. Perhaps someone else can step in and give you a hand with this.


    No, still doesn’t work. Go to my home page ( Click About Me in the title bar. Now click any of the links (Affiliations, Speaking Engagements, etc.). The snap previews are correct, but if you click any of the links, you get blog pages.

    At least I do!


    I’ve had to change my site back – all of the pages that don’t work are children of a private page. Now the links work again. Not a nice workaround as these links now don’t show up on the ‘site map’ on the right side.



    Well, I was going to check but you’ve already gone back.

    I’ll be online most of tomorrow if you want to switch back to whatever theme you were using so we can see what is occuring.

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