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    I have two questions on which I’d like clarification.

    First is the question of links to vendors. My blogroll includes a fair number of vendors, especially in areas of interest (e.g., Go, shaving). I get no remuneration, and I simply have the links as a convenience to blog readers. Indeed, I won’t TAKE remuneration: as I state above the blogroll:

    <b>All recommendations are self-initiated and unpaid.</b>

    I get no remuneration of any sort—money, discounts, products, services, meals, or gifts—from any of the vendors or manufacturers mentioned in the blog. The services, products, and merchants are mentioned purely because they impressed me and I wanted to share the knowledge. Nor do I get any remuneration from the blog itself, other than the satisfaction of bringing joy into the lives of my several readers. — LeisureGuy (his mark)

    So, first question/clarification: is this list of vendors okay?

    Question 2: When I mention books in a post, I always provide a link — to an search if it’s readily available as a secondhand book, otherwise a link to the book on This is just so an interested reader can find the book, to buy if they want. (Similarly, when I mention a movie, I include a link to the movie entry in

    I’m just publishing a book of my own through — <i>Leisureguy’s Guide to Gourmet Shaving: Shaving Made Enjoyable</i> — and I would like to have a link to the Lulu storefront for the book—again, as a matter of interest to blog readers, but of course I do get revenue if someone buys the book. Is this allowed? (Right now I have a link to a blog post that I wrote on the same topic, but of course there I get no remuneration.) My thinking is that such a link would be like the link for any other book—except for the remuneration thing.

    Thanks for clarifying. Obviously, I don’t intend to turn the blog into a storefront. But I would like to give a link to the book.



    1) I wouldn’t have an issue to it. I love the link to the Gillette date codes site by the way. I worked retail management for many eons and I hated trying to figure out what they all stood for, even when we had the guide.

    2) Again, i don’t see an issue myself as I see Amazon links all the time around here. Would be nice to see another company getting some credit.

    2a) Mark (I think it was) said very specificially here in the forums once that Scoby’s book was allowed because he wrote it himself. We should find that post.

    I, of course, have no say what so ever on this. Best bet would be to ask staff directly and flat out ask them like you do here. That and keep teh email when you get it. :)




    I see not a problem at all :)

    ….. and as I really don’t like shaving – stubble rules! – I ought to buy a copy :)



    I have to shave twice a day. I keep my electric in my bag. I keep forgetting to charge it. *shrug* Have to do something on those 2+ hour hikes of mine.



    From what I understand, it’s income generating affiliate codes which are the issue, links to vendors without the affiliate codes I see no problem with… without the code, you gain nothing from anyone clicking it. That’s my reading of it.



    Sort of. There are places that sell regular links and you get paid a flat fee for them. What LG is linking to though I would seriously doubt would work with those companies. Looks like a regular blogroll to me. Rather strange one…



    Okay, I appreciate the clarifications. Re: the stubble look. Josh Marshall has started doing weekly 5-minute YouTube video reports. They’re good, but he sports a stubble look—and it’s terrible in that context. It looks as though he stayed up all night working on the story and is STILL not really prepared. Crisply shaved would carry a much better, less slovenly message. Even a full Wolf-Blitzer style beard would be better than the appearance that he just skipped shaving. YMMV, of course.



    EEeeuuu … stubble looks slovenly and {shudder} feels really terrible. It’s like rubbing a woman’s face with steel wool. So I assume those with stubble, don’t do a lot of necking or that the women they do it with have leather-hard skin.



    I lurves the stubble, actually. Hide Bono’s razor for 48 hours and I find it difficult to concentrate.

    And don’t you think it works with the YouTube aesthetic, the “webcam in my dorm room” thing? It’s not PodTech, after all.



    the five o’clock shadow can look really good on some men. some. others just look like convicts!



    The stubble look is, I think, especially liked by those who enjoy incorporating sandpaper into their lovemaking. And, so far as the TV in the living room thing—what would you think if he were sitting there, stubbled, with a cup a coffee, in his bathrobe? I wouldn’t like it. The stubble is too close to a bathrobe, IMHO. (YMMV)



    What means, this word “tv”? Also, men look dumb in bathrobes, period. Silk dressing gowns? Maybe, if they happen to be James Bond.

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