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Links to youtube or previous posts wont embed

  1. Hi there, Been sitting here allday trying to embed a you tube video into my post plus links to previous word press posts. I haven't hit publish yet I'm saving drafts then previewing posts, but they never show up. The best I've had is the word "advertisment" then a box underneath with some video options in it. I have used the share/embed function on you tube with all the different video sizes. I've used the add link function on wordpress, also tried copying link directly into the post. Hope someone can help me.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. i still really really really need help with this

  3. May be able to help with the youtube video posting.

    In the url of the video on youtube take everything after =.

    For example; would become 7elIg3Vellk

    Add 7elIg3Vellk after the = sign in the text below.


    Would become [youtube=]

    Post it into your blog entry and it should work. It does for me.

  4. Thanks so much for replying rap. The videos are mysteriously embedding today with no change in method. Frustrating, but at least.....
    Links to my previous posts still won't work i might try your suggestion qith that tomorrow. Thanks again.

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