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Links, what are they for?

  1. I created some links (to url or just put a name under file name). Now i have to go to dashboard and then click on links to see them. I do not see what is the point of these links? any idea would be very much appreciated it. thanks .

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm sorry but you did not provide enough information about these links, where they are situated and why you created them to reply to you. I believe you may be referring to a Blogroll of links to similar sites that you like to visit. If you are logged in as the Admin who registered the blog then there is a Links section in your dashboard that you can access. There you enter the links and create a blogroll which you display in a Links widget.
    Create a blogroll
    See here > Links widget

    May I suggest that you follow the step by step learn tutorial prepared by Staff? Here's the link which is also found on the bottom of your Admin page

  3. yes i was referring to a blogroll. thanks a lot for the help. i do appreciate it very much.

  4. Hooray! I'm so glad I guessed correctly. You're welcome.

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