Links widget fails W3C Validation

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    Links widget fails W3C Validation

    My new test blog, Layman’s Bench, uses the Kubrick theme. With the default sidebar, Kubrick displays two links ( and under the heading “Blogroll”) and does indeed validate as XHTML 1.0 Transitional per the W3C Validator.

    But if one goes to the Sidebar Widgets page, does a “drag and drop” putting the Links widget into the Sidebar box, and saves the change, the new rendition of Kubrick fails validation. It seems there’s a list item tag (<li>) associated with the Category title (“Blogroll” in this case) which in not enclosed in any list structure (such as <ul>).

    Deactivate the Links widget (and all others) to return to the default sidebar, and the page validates.

    Based on my limited and random experimentation, inclusion of the Links widget is all it takes to fail validation. None of the other widgets, combinations of widgets, or the default sidebar failed validation.

    I have set up a demonstration at Layman’s Bench which I shall try to leave in place for a week or so, or until I hear that the “powers that be” have seen it.



    If you had sent in a feedback I would have said that I would get this looked at. I always pass issues on.

    I’ll assume that you still want me to do that.



    Holy guacamole!I am so very surprised to hear about your triple trouble.
    (1) You couldn’t find your feedback button.
    (2) And you were unable to email
    (3) So you couldn’t report your original validation problem to wordpress staff.

    WOW! I can’t imagine the motivation that one would have to choose wasting all that time on setting up a demonstration on their blog site to make lame attempt to make someone else look bad, rather than expending far less time and energy by reporting the problem and requesting help. [:rolling eyes skyward:] But I don’t imagine you’ll have this inclination again, right?




    Yes. Thanks. And I take it that ‘Feedback’ is the traditional avenue for trouble reports rather than the Support Forum. I am a new member and shall review the forum description.


    You’re beautiful when you’re angry.

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