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Links widget has disappeared from ChaoticSoul theme

  1. bulgogibrothers


    Using ChaoticSoul. Discovered just now that the Links widget has suddenly disappeared from the sidebar of my home page. Used to be right there, between 'Pages' and 'Categories', but no longer. I made no such changes in my Dashboard, but just for good measure, I removed, then added back, the Links widget from the Widget dashboard, but it makes no difference- it's still not showing up in the sidebar.

    Guessing this is not expected behavior?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. The sidebars are cached, so wait a half hour before deciding the change didn't take. But yes, when staff make changes to the back end, the links widget sometimes vanishes.

  3. bulgogibrothers

    but the thing is, i never made that change in the first place, and it still vanished.

    anyway, it's been well longer than half an hour, and the widget is still missing, so it looks like it was broken from the get go due to changes on the back end.

  4. No, I mean it happens because of what staff do, not what you do. It happened to me too, a few months ago.

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