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links widget not showing up on my page

  1. I'm a newby and don't know if I'm following all the right steps. I can't get the Links widget to show up in my sidebar. I created a workaround for the moment with a text widget, but would like to also show the folks I add to my Blogroll from WordPress - already added one. :-)

  2. They should show up if you give them a category. Edit them and select a category from the category list.

  3. I also just started a new blog here and I'm also having issues with getting the bookmarks to display on my sidebar. My problem is that I can't assign categories to my bookmarks. When I am in Manage Bookmarks and I select a bookmark to edit I will click on the appropriate category. When I click Save Changes and go back to the Manage Bookmarks page the category doesn't show up by the bookmark. In fact none of my bookmarks are categorized.

    I'm using the Regulus 2 theme and my bookmarks will only show up on my blog if I have the "Use link categories in blogroll" option unchecked. I can't even get my bookmarks to show up using other themes.

  4. I was having trouble getting categories added yesterday, too. I was able to do that today and now have my posts categorized. However, I can't get the categories to stick in my bookmarks. I even deleted all the bookmarks and added them again, selecting categories, but none show in the categories field. Perhaps I'll wait a day or so and try again.
    :-) Melissa

  5. Links widget is not showing up in mine either. Using the Rubric theme. When I add a link to a category, the category selection does not save.

  6. That's exactly what's happening when I try to add a category to a link, and it's still happening today. The category field remains empty no matter how many categories I try to add. I guess it's not just me.
    :-) Melissa

  7. Also the "Links" sidebar widget is one of the few I have that doesn't allow me to specify a title (it doesn't have the little icon in its widget div either).

    So I'm having the same problem. Can't set categories on any of my bookmarks, so none of them work.

  8. When I was testing the adding of categories under FireFox (which still doesn't save the categories, so the bookmarks are still useless), I periodically get this error:

    Error: [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80040111 (NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE) [nsIXMLHttpRequest.status]" nsresult: "0x80040111 (NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE)" location: "JS frame :: :: anonymous :: line 156" data: no]
    Source File:
    Line: 156

  9. I am having the same problem... I am usind the Thirteen theme and when I select a catagorie for my link they just disappear. I go to check the view site and I have no link in the sidebar at all.

    This is weird.

    This is in my second blog here at wordpress.

    It works fine in my hemigway blog but not my thirteen blog

  10. I am also having the same problem.

    I'm using the default theme. In the bookmarks section, when I add a bookmark and assign a category to it, no category appears when it goes back to the manage bookmarks page, no category is assigned.

    There is also no links or blogroll section in my sidebar despite having added it in the sidebar options.

    Anyone know how to sort this out?

  11. I think we have to be patient... usually things get sorted out pretty quick here.

    I have had heaps of help here at wordpress, which has been great.


  12. I'm looking into it.

  13. We found the bug and we're working on a fix. Shouldn't take long now. Sorry for the delay.

  14. See people ryan the key master he is on top of things really quickly.

    Thanks guys, we all appreciate it.

  15. Hot Dog! It works now!!!
    Thanks everyone. I felt better knowing it wasn't just me.
    :-) Melissa

  16. I see that others are having the same problem. My links won't show - any suggestions or help.

  17. rkuhn, please review this checklist to see if that helps.


  18. Thanks Mike, but I figured it out. I assigned the bookmarks to a category (user created) and the links/bookmarks magically appeared.

  19. Mike -

    Thank you for the checklist. I took a look and followed the steps, but still can't get links to show. Have posts in the categories, and have updated the Links Widgets to be in the dashboard...but when I try to assign a category to the bookmar (click on the category and press save), it simply doesn't assign one. I certain I'm just missing something very straightforward.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated...


  20. I cant get the links to show either :(

    When i try add a category to a bookmark , it doesnt get saved . On reaching the manage bookmars page, the categories field is blank.

    (Does this have anything to do with deleting the Wp bookmarks? )

  21. Tarun, please see the checklist above.

    732, you might want to submit a Feedback from your Dashboard. You might be having a backend issue with your blog.

  22. hi drmike.. i had followed the checklist (multiple times).. but to no avail...

    a few questions:
    1. do bookmarks need to be assigned to a separate category?
    2. do we need to have posts in the same category name ?
    3. does the bookmark category need a special name --> blogroll / bookmarks / link /links /...

    i try to save the a bookmark to a category "links" meant only for bookmarks.. but the category field is empty when i get back to the main page....


  23. 1 - No. They need to be assigned to a category though that also has posts. If there are no posts within the category, then the links won't show up.

    2 - Yes.

    3 - No.

    I try - That's why you're having issues. Don't use a special category unless you first put at least one post into that category.

  24. hi drmike..

    no such luck :(

    my categories are as follows:


    i tried moving the latest entry to a separate category , and assign the bookmark to the same category, but the category field is still blank.....


  25. OK, but what do you have your bookmarks in? Up above you said that they're in the links category. From looking at your blog, you don't have any posts in the "links" category.

  26. i have moved the bookmarks to the general / tech ..

    ( im trying to assign it to general for the time being )

    Later i can probably make a post in the category "links"..

    The problem here is that the category is not shown in the manage bookmark screen.... !!

    ( im not really sure why... )


  27. hi drmike / podz

    i tried creating a new blog . the links seem to work fine.
    here are my findings..

    * You need to create and assign the bookmarks to any section

    * This section DOES NOT need to have any posts in it !! :)

    * You can assign different bookmarks to different sections ( without posts ) and they appear under different section headings

    So .. could it be a problem with the backend then ??


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