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    I have a Gallery inserted on my “Collection of Looks” (under Portfolio) page. What I’m trying to do is add links to the image. Because I’ve inserted an automatic gallery, it’s not just a matter of adding < a href>.

    Is there a way to add a link (to redirect to specific posts) to a specific image in the Gallery?

    The blog I need help with is



    Because I’ve inserted an automatic gallery, it’s not just a matter of adding < a href>

    Actually, it is, but in the image caption or description area. See here:


    awesomeeee. I was hoping it was this easy. Thanks!


    color me stupid- but that didn’t work!


    any other suggestions? :)



    I’m looking at that Gallery and don’t see where you’ve added a link either in the caption or the description.

    If you follow the directions in that demo I linked to above, it should work.


    ok added it again- check out the last picture at the end of the page.

    Whenever I click the picture, it just opens it in a larger size (even though clicking the text opens the tutorial).
    I’d like to click the picture and have it open the appropriate link.



    As I said in my demo post, the biggest downside to creating an index this way (and that is what you are trying to do) is that the natural tendency of people is to click the image and not the caption. Presently there is no way to directly link a Gallery image to anything other than a larger version of the image in the Image Carousel or Attachment page. You can only create a link in either the image caption or in the image description.


    Thanks Jennifer. I guess that will have to do then.

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