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    Whenever i create a post and link to another post (of my own) i get a comment notification and have to approve it.

    for example:

    blah blah on this topic click HERE for more.

    is there anyway to work around this? (and yes, i searched the forums for this topic and came up with nothing relevant)

    The blog I need help with is


    You can disable pingbacks in general (for published posts you go to Posts > All Posts and bulk edit them to uncheck “Allow Pings”; for future posts you go to Settings > Discussion and uncheck the option “Allow link notifications from other blogs”). Or you can prevent self pings only, by using a truncated URL form – see here:


    ahhhhhhhhh i get it now! thank you so much for the link. i figured it had something to do with the pingbacks but did nt know how to disable just mine.

    many thanks to you!


    You’re welcome!

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