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    I have created several links. When I insert them in my post they show up as links and they show up in the link widget on my sidebar. If you click on the sidebar link it works properly; if you click on the link in the post text it takes you to the WordPress link page. What am I doing wrong?

    The blog I need help with is



    I found the following link in one of your articles:

    This is an administration link to edit one of your posts, not a link to a specific post.

    Make sure the link you are using goes directly to what you wish to link to such as:

    Not sure how you grabbed the wrong URL, but that’s the issue.



    I’m still confused. I have four links in my blog. All four appear in my sidebar and work perfectly. Three appear in the text of the blog itself; one of these works perfectly, the other two do not. I would think clicking on the sidebar links and the links in the text would take you to the same place, yet that only works on one link. I have looked at my link formatting and can’t see any difference between the one that works both from the sidebar and from the text and the two that only work from the sidebar.

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