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  1. Hey folks I thought I would with a wee introduction to me and what I want to achieve. OK let’s go…My name’s John and I’m a twenty-four year old guy from Belfast, Northern Ireland. I graduated back in 2009 with a degree in Film Studies and I’m currently working as a Lab Technician in a Photo Laboratory.

    Aside from my studies and job I am incredibly passionate about the cosmetics industry and basically love my products!! I started taking care of my skin in my early teens when the dreaded spots started to appear. It wasn’t until my late teens that my real passion for products came about. From about the age of nineteen until I was twenty-two I suffered from forehead acne which caused me to research a lot of different products and so-called ‘remedies’. I guess this is where my passion came from! I’ve gathered up a lot of knowledge over the past few years and I love to share it with people so I thought why not start-up this blog!

    At the moment I’ve got two main categories…Makeup and Skincare. I plan to review products and also give tips and advice! Oh and this blog is for both male and female readers. Obviously certain tips may be for a certain sex or the other but you’ll be able to work that out ha! Who knows what direction this will go in! We’ll just wait and see!

    Peace and love…

    John x

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Welcome!

  3. Thanks :-)

  4. Hi John, I'm under a week old here as well.

    Live in Dublin and my site is a photography site - we have some similarities, ha ha.

  5. Hey there thats awesome! Your blog is awesome! Brilliant photographs! My degree is in film studies and I've done a fair bit of photography over the years as well...uni etc! :-)

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