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  1. New to wordpress, searched, found nothing related. Is there a way to add some kind of script that will iterate for each mp3 file in my uploads?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please give us a link to the site you need help with, starting with http:// The site linked to your username is empty of content.

  3. Well, it's, but there's no MP3 content there yet. I'd like to be able to upload MP3s and have them available on the sermon download page (ordered by date descending).

  4. Wrong forum: that's a WordPress.ORG blog not a WordPress.COM blog, so you need to be over at their forums for support.

  5. @bradleypwood
    The blog is not hosted here on but is totally different from in your software and installation. See the difference here difference between and
    Go to support to get help for your hosted blog.

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