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List formatting basics

  1. Hi,

    Sorry for posting such a basic question - I've searched Support and the Forums but can't find any relevant info.

    I've typed the headings for a number list, 1-10. Now I want to add extra text under each heading. How!!? Every time I hit return, I get a new list item.

    Also, the tenth item has number 0, instead of 10.

    Thanks in anticipation...


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Text under each heading - hit Shift (and hold) then > Enter

    That should give you a line feed without a new number

    Sorry - can't help on the number 0

  3. Good morning to auxclass and tt! Needed to refresh. :)

  4. Many thanks for such immediate help!

    Shift/Enter does indeed work - is there any tutorial on basic list formatting where such tricks are explained?

  5. Aside form the support documentation justjennifer has pointed to there are other resources that may be helpful. WordPress Formatting and Spacing

  6. Hi and Happy New Year,

    thanks again for the extra info.

    BTW the numbering problem - which showed up in the editor - had luckily vanished when published :-)

    Have a good year.


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