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    Is there a way to get a list of all the posts in my blog? I’d want to list just the titles (and maybe the categories) of each post.

    I know about the ‘more’ comment thing, but that only cuts off the bottom part of a post. What I’m looking for cuts off everything but the title. Sort of like the list you see on the Manage Posts page of the dashboard, or the Recent Posts widget of the sidebar, but on a page accessible to others, and of course longer than the Recent Posts widget.

    I could of course make a page myself, but I’d have to update it manually every time I write a new post. I’d like to have it update automatically.

    Is this possible?



    sorry no, it’s not possible; no sitemaps on .com

    perhaps, somebody make a theme with such an option some day, then it may be noticed on .com one day, and then, probably, might be adopted in some future.



    If you switch to the MistyLook theme it has page templates for Archives, etc. The Archives pages display 50 posts and the page looks like this
    You simply type Archives in the title, select the Archives template, place no text in the body of the Page and click “publish”. If you also created an Index Page then you could periodically copy the 50 entries from the Archives page onto it and develop a complete listing of all posts.




    Okay, I’ll have to resort to making a list by hand then. Thanks for answering anyway.



    I’m sorry this wasn’t the “perfect” answer. You’re welcome and happy blogging.

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