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    Hi, sorry for bothering, but I´ve got a little problem, which must have a simple solution, but I cant figure it out…

    I´ve placed some (one) Cathegories in menu.
    When I go to sub-cathegory (Static Top-Level Tabs) , it works nice,
    but I´d like to make this:
    When I click at Cathegory in menu-bar, next page should show me list of sub-cathegories (instead of nothing, or just simple text).

    Could you please tell me how to manage this?

    Any advice would be really appreciated ;)

    The blog I need help with is



    Sub-Category links are displayed as item dropdowns from parent Categories in your custom menu.

    Here’s a link to a custom menu walkthrough >

    There are many common errors, misunderstanding and misconceptions when creating custom menus and you can read about them here >



    Thanks, I´m going to dive into it :)

    (Sorry about that duplicated thread)



    Not to worry. :)



    I´m sorry but I still don´t understand it.

    Do I need to make a page and use links through it?



    Well, eventually I figured something out.
    Don´t know if it is best soulution, but.. it´s better than nothing :D

    (using as a cathegory comment)



    If you click my username you will see it’s linked to a blog wearing the Twenty Eleven theme. Note the custom menu bar and hover over the items in it to have the links appear in dropdowns. Is that what you are wanting to do or not?



    Not exactly: ie: when I click Popular posts on your menu, then next page contains some links. And that´s it: problem is, that my menu bar contains Categories and when you hover over them, there are sub-Categories in dropdowns (and they works pretty well) – BUT when I go straight to Category in menu bar, it just show me all articles in all sub-Categories.
    And instead of that, I need there just links to (other) sub-Categories, or articles :)



    Instead of showing parts of posts, I need to show only links to them….



    You want to change what happens when you click on, say, “Fysika”.
    1) Displaying links to its subcategories is pointless, since the subcategories are right there in the dropdown.
    2) Displaying links to all the posts filed under “Fysika” is possible in three different ways:
    a) Switch to one of the few themes that display only titles on category pages; see here:
    b) Edit each post and add a space in the Excerpt module of the editor, after you switch to one of the themes that can display custom excerpts on category pages; see here:
    c) Create a static page in Pages > Add New, title it “Fysika”, add the links to the relevant posts in it, then replace the Fysika category with the Fysika page in the menu. Drawback: you’ll have to update the page manually each time you publish a new relevant post.
    3) There’s another possibility you might not be aware of: you can make the top level tabs link to nothing; see here, under “Other options, special cases and tricks”:



    Thank you :)

    1) Yeah, I wanted to know for the future, when I eventually try to make “static” menu without dropdowns, and also something similar to subcategories.

    I am going to dive into these articles :D

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