List of plugins allowed in wordpress personal / premium plan

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    Hello, I am asking this on behalf of a friend who has just bought a domain name. She is new to blogging and I am planning to suggest WordPress hosting since WordPress is user-friendly and this will enable her to start blogging right away without worrying about hosting plans, backups and managing servers etc.

    She is thinking of adding a bbpress forum to her blog. Will she be able to install bbpress? I could not find a list of plugins or themes that she can use if she purchases the personal / premium package.

    I have a Xenforo forum so I am unable to move to WordPress hosting. I have spent more time trying to figure out my vps server than blogging. So I want her to start with a user-friendly hosting company from the beginning if possible.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there, All available pre-installed plugins on WordPressdotcom are listed here: No other plugins can be added by users.

    Members with the Business upgrade Plan also have access to Google Analytics plugin and a special SEO plugin as long as their upgrade Plan is current.

    If your friend would like to have a forum, she can either host one off of WordPressdotcom and link to it in her site’s navigation bar or register an additional site on WordPressdotcom and use the P2 theme

    Let us know if you need more help with that.



    Thanks for your prompt response.

    ……. register an additional site on WordPressdotcom and ….

    About this additional site, can that be a subdomain/ subdirectory like or

    I read your post about domain mapping but it did not mention subdomains and subdirectories.




    It’s possible to map a subdomain as well as map a domain, but it’s not possible to create a subdirectory folder. Here’s more info on domains in general which includes links to the mapping options:

    If the forum is hosted offsite, you could add a Custom menu that would include a link to the offsite forum

    You can also do the same thing for another site hosted here on WordPressdotcom instead of a subdomain.



    Thank you. Now, I have all the information I need to talk to my friend. Marking this thread as resolved.

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