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  1. Hi,
    Is there anyway I can see who has subscribed to receive my blog?
    Thanks for your help, and my apologies if its a basic question!!

  2. What are you using for subscribing? And a link to your wordpress.COM blog would be useful as well.

  3. I would also like to know who subscribed to the blog. I have a link of the blog page for people to subscribe via email. I can't find anything under STATS to show who has subscribed.


  4. knittingdoc, can you please give us a link to your blog?

  5. And we need the same thing for you, David. We can't possibly help without a link to your blog (see this for instructions on how to do that) and what you are using for subscribing to your blog.

  6. From David (knittingdoc)

    the link is

    Many thanks.

  7. David - you are using FeedBurner to offer email subscriptions. You can see your subscriber list on that site after you log in to your account over there.

  8. Hi Vivian..........thanks. I also have another option for email subscriptions. It says EMAIL ME. Then people click on that and they enter their email address. How do I find out who signed up?


  9. David - If that same method is also using Feedburner, you can obtain the subscriber list from your Feedburner account. You will not be able to obtain the stats from

  10. I made an error on my last post.

    Actully I want to put a form on the blog for an email subscription form which is separate and apart from the feed subscription. I don't know how to do this.

    And I looked at the feedburn site to look for subscribers. It doesn't give their email. So I do I do this one?

    Hope this makes sense.


  11. The Feedburner site does indeed show the subscribers email address. When you log in, click on the feed. On the dashboard page, click on the "See more about your subscribers" link. Scroll down to Email subscriptions and click on the link there. Then click on subscriber management. That will give you the entire list of email subscribers.

    As for putting a separate email subscription form - the only thing that you can do is to handle that manually. You can use the contact form but that's about it.

  12. Forms are not permitted here at

    Feedburner should provide you with the e-mail address of subscribers. If you click on any particular feed from , you should see a link, which reads, "see more about your subscribers".

    Click on the link. Next, you should see "Feedburner Email Subscriptions" link . Click this link, and another will appear. Click "Manage Your Email Subscriber List". You will then be able to view the e-mail addresses of all your feed's subscribers (you will also see the Start Date and the Status of the subscriber).

  13. If you are interested in the Contact Form that Vivian noted, please see

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