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    As the title says, it would be great to list posts under multiple authors if the post is really a dialogue between people or something.


    Could you explain what you want in a little more detail. I’m not sure I understand what you are wanting to accomplish.



    Well, the goal is to make author content more accessible. But this is very hard to achieve in some cases because you can only list an entry under one author. You can’t, in the drop down box of available authors, select more than one author. Therefore, content, even if it is largely derived from more than one person, can only be listed under one person. So if you have your listed authors widget visible on your sidebar, and a visitor clicks on Author1, that person will not be able to see within the listed results posts that were largely written by Author2 precisely because you can only list posts under one author.

    I guess you could also phrase it as “you can only assign one author per post.”

    So it was a suggestion to be able to assign multiple authors per post (or list multiple authors per post, etc.)

    As far as php is concerned…I’m clueless heh!



    I would love for a feature like this too, I have another regular writer on my blog and for certain blog post, we might collaborate and it would be nice if the post could automatically say if was written by the both of us instead of saying its written by me.



    hey, did you know the blog under your name has been deleted? whats your new blog address? just curious



    You can invent a new ID which is “PosterA and PosterB” but it won’t connect with each individual poster’s string of posts. Let whoever posts it, post, but just go in and change the author after the fact.


    You could assign those collaborative posts to a new category or categories and then you could reach them from the categories widget, or home-grow your own via a text widget.



    @aw1923 – I write on a lot of anime blogs, check them out here

    @raincoaster – Yeah, I get that, that’s a good idea, but as you said, the problem is that creating “A & B” will still only link to “A & B”.

    #@thesacredpath – Playing with the text widget to make an “author widget” wasn’t that hard. In this case, simply adding in “authors A & B” as html isn’t difficult, and it will definitely link to certain posts, but the problem is that I’m not sure how to be able to list posts under multiple authors. So this dual linking only works one way, from the authors to the content, not from the content to the specified authors. They both probably equal significance in terms of how likely people are to explore your blog, so jig rigging a one-way widget will only be half as effective as it has the potential to be.

    Anyway, thanks for everyone’s comments.


    The only way I know to do this is to self-host a blog where you will then have access to the underlying files. Do be aware though that you will need to be able to write and debug PHP script, and you will also have to have enough knowledge so that you do not introduce security holes in your blog.

    You will also have to have experience working with querying MySQL databases properly so you can make sure that you close the database properly after the queries so that again, you do not introduce security holes that people could exploit to mess with your blog and database. One improper command when working with databases can result in the database being inoperable.



    I would love that kind of feature too!

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