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list-style-image gets deleted

  1. Hi,
    everytime I try to use "list-style-image" to replace a list bullet point with an image, the whole style gets deleted by wordpress when I try to save the custom css. Is the CSS command "list-style-image" blocked by wordpress and if so, why?


  2. i can't think why wordpress would strip that out, i can't imagine that it's a security risk.

    however, it's generally more reliable to do the following:

    li {<br /> list-style-type: none;<br /> padding: 2px 2px 2px 8px;<br /> background: url( 0 50% no-repeat;<br /> }

  3. exactly, thanks I'll try that and report back if it worked :)

  4. Style tags are stripped for security reasons. That's how that MySpace worm got in. That's probably what is occuring here.

  5. drmike -

    did you fail to notice which forum we're in here?
    he's talking about a specific style in

  6. thanks sunburntkam - it worked, with just a small modification. Here is what I did:
    <br /> #subcontent ul.categories li,#subcontent ul.months li {<br /> list-style-image:none;<br /> background:url('') left no-repeat;<br /> margin:0;<br /> padding:0 0 0 18px;<br /> }

    It strange though ... I can use list-style-image:none; but I cant use

    thanks for your help :) much appreciated

  7. did you fail to notice which forum we're in here?

    Yes, I did and I already looked at the CSS file in question. No reason to be rude. Did you notice I said 'probably' in there?

    I sent in a Feedback asking about the situation. I had thought it might be an oversite with the filters but if 'list-style-image:none;' is working...

  8. hi drmike,
    thanks for looking anyway! would be really interesting if you could find out why list-style-image seems to be blocked with a url ... well if you have time :)

  9. Hi fitzel. Sorry about the problem! It's fixed now. I just tested with this lovely and flattering rule:

    li { list-style-image: url(/favicon.ico); }


  10. Hi Andy,
    great - it works!
    Thanks very much for the fix :)

  11. resolved

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