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    Good evening fellow WP geeks,

    at first i’d like to say how much i love WP! I never had any big problems while creating a custom theme because the documentation is just fabulous. Now doing my, as it feels, 100th Custom Theme i am having a small issue though where i might just be overthinking.

    I am trying to create an Image Portfolio Page where i display the Image Thumbnail of the subpages on the left side, and when i click on a thumbnail i want the bigger Image, which i post in the content area of the subpage, to appear on the right side. Its kind of a 2-column layout.

    The Pages are structured like this:

    • Portfolio (Page where i want to display everything i discribed above)
      • Project 1 (has an Article Thumbnail and a big Image in its Content Area)
      • Project 2 (has an Article Thumbnail and a big Image in its Content Area)

    Now my idea was doing this with get_page_children, but i kind of dont know where to start and how to display the big image to the right of the thumbnail as soon as i click on it.

    If someone could give me some Code Examples i would really apprectiate it!

    For those who still dont know what i mean, here an illustration:

    Thanks in advance,



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