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    We would like to lists a summary of posts by category. How do I do that?

    For example, I would like the following pages on my wordpress site:

    Page 1) List of Posts that are News Articles
    Page 2) List of Posts that are White Papers on Supply Chains
    Page 3) List of White Paper Posts by Fred (a staff member of mine)

    I can see that it is possible to categorise posts – but I can’t see any way of filtering posts summaries according to category.

    I am willing / expect to upgrade to Business package/bundle … but can’t see any documentation about that bundle to confirm if it will get me that capability.

    Please Advise. Thanks in advance.


    The blog I need help with is


    You can make a custom menu, with a tab that will be an archive of a particular category. Just go to Appearance -> Menus, and then on the side you can see categories, just add the ones you want, and remember to press save to the menu. All the posts will need to be in that category mind you.

    Or you can make a new page and use the Archive shortcode, depending on exactly what you are after, the shortcode I believe just makes a list of all your posts and you can edit it to make it show only categories if you want. The menu is pretty much the same as if you clicked on a category now, a summary (or full text depending on if you put the ‘more’ tag in) of the posts listed with the newest at the top and the oldest at the bottom (though there are pages of results).

    You don’t need to buy anything to do this…



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    Take a look at the “display posts shortcode:”

    The Display Posts Shortcode allows you to fine-tune the posts you wish to display on a page.…
    …A common request is display a list of posts with title, excerpt, and the thumbnail


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