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    I didn’t find anything like this with a quick search, so here’s an idea that may have been brought up before.

    What would be involved in getting a new widget (or set of widgets) that would list music I’m listening to, books I’m reading, and/or movies I’m watching? TypePad has a similar feature, I believe, that pulls from Amazon. If a click on the link leads to a sale, then WordPress could get the kickback through Amazon’s program (which then gives WordPress some potential revenue from the blogs that make use of the widgets).

    This seems to give some of the benefit of placing ads on the blogs to support the overall operations, but is entirely opt-in and the items are user controlled. On the user side, we get to display favorite music albums, books, movies, and whatnot in our sidebar.





    While you’re waiting for sysadmin to work down their pirority list to this request you can make yourself textwidegtes. They could be modeled on the text widegts people having been discussing and creating for their listing their most viewed posts in their sidebars.



    The Manolo Shoe blog does these as weekly posts, and I kind of like that because it allows people the chance to comment on what you’re reading/watching/listening to.

    My $0.02.



    Just checked back to get the link: I didn’t realize the Manolo was WordPress too! Superfantastic!



    Even I have been looking for an html widget for this purpose. Searched the ends of the earth to no avail. Librarything widget requires javascript. I think widget also requires javascript.

    I’d really love to have a widget to show my favorite books or books I am reading.


    @risenphoenix doesn’t require javascript, I have it on my blog.


    I have just used text widgets to display this info, but it would be cool to be able to put it through my amazon associates account.

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