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Listing of widgets

  1. I recently moved from to my own host with WordPress package, so that I could play with scripts and other goodies on my blog. No sooner do I set up my blog get all my files comments etc.. transfered over then do I discover that the widgets that came with site arent in the full install. I've been going from site to site trying to find them to no avail.

    Can someone help me figure out the names/locations of the widets that come with (text, rss1, recent post, links, archives, categories). I have found links and blogroll editors I havent found anything that allows you to arrange the order or move things around as you canin

    Much kudos to the wordpress team because I had no appreciation for what I was getting with until I moved to my own provider.

  2. I think the people at can help you better than we can; surely quite a LOT of them must have gone through exactly this. None of us here have.

  3. Hey Changesgood,

    Whats the matter with you cant you read! The .com isnt the same as the same as the .org and the .com doesnt publish/offer the plugin for you .org folks. In fact all of .com plugins are written in-house, had you read a few more post you would have seen that and not bother all of us with your question.

    If you want to find widgets then you have to troll the web with the rest of the .org scum!

    Just though I'd save folks time and flame myself...

  4. Sure, or you could just read what I posted when I tried to help you. You're welcome.

  5. Yeah our post got crossed... i was typing while you were posting. Kinda ruined the joke!

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