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    I’m trying to have a list showing subjects of posts that are in the same category. For example, if I click on a post and it directs me to the page of the post, on the top of the page I want it to show the list of subjects of posts that are in the same category of the post that I am reading. Can anyone help me, please?



    I’m afraid that cannot be possible since to do something like that you’d need to modify the .php files…



    Guess it’s not possible. Thanks for the answer though.



    Well, you could add it in manually to each post.



    If you’re using a theme that has sidebars in all views, presumably the categories widget is available anywhere. And after awhile you’ll have too many posts to list individually in your favorite categories anyway.


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    On each post, it would be easy enough to say something like:
    “Other posts on this topic.”
    then make it link to the category page that relates to each post.

    Select the category you want from the categories widget or category cloud, and it will open in a new page(s). Copy the http:// etc. for the link.
    Don’t click on the category listed on the post, or you’ll be directing readers to

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