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Listing Themes by Compatibility (widget issue)

  1. I am relatively new to blogging, so maybe this is something fairly simple.

    The side-bar to my blog: cuts off right after the end of my Archives listing (and I have much more after that), but shows up just fine in Firefox.

    I am using the Chaotic theme and my browser is IE6.

    I tried adjusting my resolution, but that did not work.

    Maybe I should just switch themes? Is there a list of themes by browser compatibility? I would, ideally, like to use something that works well with both Firefox and IE.

  2. It's widgets, not the theme.
    Remove the widgets one by one under the Archives to see which is doing it.

  3. You were right - it was the very first widget below "Archives." I replaced the Subscribe to Blog by E-mail button from Feedburner with a simple link, and now I can see everything. Thanks a million.

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